Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Year 10/11

What has been going on for my daughter this year with our studies...

Spiritual Formation/Orthodox History
 ~Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy lectures and discussion with Papa
~The Role of the Saints in our Spiritual Lives- Fr. Damascene
~The Orthodox Church- Bshp. Kallistos Ware
~Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives- Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica
~Lives of Saints

 ~Foerster Algebra and Trigonometry (almost done!)

~Watership Down
~Hamlet with Study Guide (Progeny Press) and essay (and a few other Shakespeare plays (3 I think))
~Tess of the D'Ubervilles
~Animal Farm
~Farenheight 451
~The Screwtape Letters

~Hamlet Essay
~NaNoWriMo 20,000 words
 ~written narrations
~poetry explication essays
~other things I am sure...
~The Elements of Style

~Canadian History- Canada A People's History Volume 1 (to tie up the 1/2 credit from year 8/9)
~Livy's Early History of Rome- a few books
~The Aenied

 ~The Way Life Works- a couple chapters
~Apologia Biology- 11 modules so far
 ~Mader Biology- section on Fungi
~Khan Academy- sections on cellular respiration and photosynthesis
~about 5 labs
~Physics: kinematics and motion in one direction from Hewitt, Apologia and Giancolli

~Visual Latin- up to about lesson 34
~Lingua Latina- read up through chapter 11 I think

 Fine Arts
~a couple of lessons from The Natural Way to Draw
~beautiful pencil sketch of cover of Watership Down
~much research of the costuming of the time of Henry the V as well as ancient Babylonian costume (for the Daniel play)
~three costumes finished for Such Stuff (at least 20 hours put into costuming so far)
~two months of rehersals for Henry the V
~quilt patches all ready for another quilt


 Home Ec.
~nannying a few times a month including food prep, house tidying and childcare

 A profitable exercise for the February doldrums...