Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More books for C. and an Author etc......

For C.
Robin Hood- have this one
Beric the Britain- ditto
Captain's Courageous- Kipling
Prince and the Pauper- he just has to finish this
(May read the last two outloud to he and Aa.)

To two youngest:
Chingas Kahn
Arabian Knights
The House of Sixty Fathers (Matt will do this one)

Our Term Artist:
Emily Carr
I have a great kids picture book I will read with the kids as well...

Older Two:
They will begin reading about the Nativity of the Theotokos today out of the Incarnate God to be ready for next week.

These are such scattered thoughts, but such is life right now. Thankfully this is a scarcely visited blog!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Frogs etc.- Aa.
Golden Book of Chemistry- add that on for Ar.
Paul Fleishman book and The New Way Things Work- C.(and H possibly a bit too with the Fleischer book).
Science Matters- Ar. and H. for an intro to some of the topics
Journey to the Ants- Ar.
Secrets of the Woods- Me to C. and Aa. in 2nd term

Friday, August 27, 2010


Note to self:

Oldest 3 will type this year... they will become very fast...or at least work at it!

Number 4...

It is too late for this tonight, but here goes a two minute shot!!

Ditto C. plus some great Saint picture books- 1 every other week or so.

Lots of practice in Word Mastery, flashcards etc.
Nate the Great
Thornton Burgess

Times Tables- nail em down!! Work at it every day with C. and Aa. in Sept. and Oct.!!

Ditto C. plus some Egypt stuff!
Picture Books for History too!!

Fairy Books
C.s read alouds
Pops reads at night...

Me glued to his side for copy work.
Beginning dictation
Once a month letter.
Freewrite a few times a month- I scribe!
Introduce cursive (need a new italics book!!)
Use a few lesons in English for the Thoughtful Child (here and there or when needed)

Fine Arts;
With all of us
Illustrating narrations.

Taken care of.

Frogs and Amphibians- begin with Frog Calls and colouring book (ORDER IT!!) Get field guide at library (or A.s bookshelf!). Books from library.
Experiments- once a week with C. and sometimes H.

Learning to read well is the push this year, with lots of read alouds and a real joy of learning new things sprinkled in with lots of beauty!!

Child Three..

Getting down there!

Stories from the New Testament (once we finish the Old Testament)
Lives of Saints

Onwards with Singapore- hopefully get to 6A this year.
Nail those timestables!!

Intermediate Language Lessons (as needed or 2 times a week)
Weekly narration/ Letter/ Book Journal

One Classic (or 2)-finish Prince and The Pauper
The Bronze Bow
Adam of the Road
Robin Hood (possibly out loud)
Beorn the Proud (probably out loud)
Need more here.....
Edited to add: Beric the Britain
Captain's Courageous
Song of Roland???

TOPS with us
Need LOTS more ideas here as he LOVES science

First Form/ or keep on with the Greek

Famous Men of the Middle Ages (out loud)
When Knights Were Bold/ The Story of the Middle Ages (or something like this on the Baldwin Project!!)
Bede- out loud
Some great historical fiction: The House of 60 Fathers, Beorn the Proud, Illustrated Canterbury tales (slot this with the older kids), Gawain and the Green Knight (with older kids) , picture books with Aa. for history such as Chingis Kahn ...need more things here!!

Taken care of

Fine Arts:
ditto the other kids
Memorise 2 poems per term
Illustrate one -2 things per month
Nature Journal 2 times a month

Don't all little boys run around!! Actually this one draws mostly!

Three sort of, kind of, down- one to go!!

Child Two...

Same as brother, but less books!
Abbess Thasia (to herself)
Women Martyrs of the Church (ditto)



Jane Eyre
Sir Gawain
Till We Have Faces
Canterbury Tales (Librivox- but I think she will read this one on her own a bit and I will read it out loud)
Watership Down
Daughter of Time (Audible)
Then some books she can read- we will conference on this!

**All About Spelling- darn it, we are going to go through a spelling program!
Narrations and essays. Work with what Ar. is doing...
Grammar- ditto for A.
Poetry memorisation- we will collaborate together and pick a new one each month or so. I will also pick a time of day to listen to her poem!!
Shakespeare- probably Romeo and Juliet first!!

Genetics ( in A.'s bio. text)
Chemistry with A.
Chem. with C. (TOPS stuff)
Botany with both of us!
Natural History- Under the Sea Wind
The Life of a Spider (Librivox)

The Orthodox Church
The Birth of Britain (Audible- have it already)
Could listen in on Famous Men but it has been read SOOOOO many times to her already!/ Could also listen to When Knights Were Bold...)

Fine Arts:
Drawing with the Masters with Pops
Reading to herself in The Story of Painting
Bach in the Fall
Artist- Emily Carr
Illustrating more poems etc.
Romeo and Juliet

Phys Ed and Handicrafts: She has it covered!!

Note To Self: Take pictures of finished projects- one credit (or 10) for textiles, dressmaking, quilting, cooking, home-ec covered!!

Next years plans... the rough off the top of my head version!

A: The Orthodox Church- reading with me and separately, discussing certain points together, researching one area from each chapter on own, making parallels to the wider history of each chapter through discussion and further reading.
The Incarnate God- read around the great Feasts together.
Lives of Saints

Math: Geometry- Jacobs
Latin: still slugging through Henle- have a new syllabus. Who knows, we might even sort of, part way, possibly, follow it!

We need to work on grammar. We will go over some in the Mother Tongue as well as the great bookmarked site I found tonight on one of the tutorials..
Ten Great Essays: Intro, Read 3 Essays.
On Writing Well: Cover the first 1/3 to 1/2 or more (great book)
Format Writing: Dry as dust but will get the job done in the essay department (and heh, I have it here!)
Narrations- on lit. , history, religion, and natural history.

Simirrillian (outloud to both olders)
Till We Have Faces (outloud to both olders)- this is when I wish I had liked English in school. I am so lost at discussing books!
Beowulf- Heany translation
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight- Tolkien translation
Canterbury Tales- excerpts
Le M'Ort D'Arthur (I am sure this spelled horribly)
My Antonia- Willa Cather
Wendell Berry: Stories from The Wild Birds (short stories- aim for 2-3)
Dostoyevsky's Short Stories (again, aim for 2-3)
These are the 'prescribed books'- A will also have some classics he has chosen on the go- that is why the list is a little on the short side. These will be most probably Dickens! We may do Pride and Prejudice this year, and his Papa is going to read and discuss Watership Down with them!)
Oh, and Tale of Two Cities- because A looooooooves Dickens.
My dad, pleeeease, will be available for some book talks here!
Edited to add: Rob Roy
Song of Roland

The Orthodox Church
Bede's Ecclesiastical History of Britain (select parts)
The Birth of Britain- Churchill

Chemistry: The Joy of Chemistry
Jean Henri Fabre's Chemistry Book
The Chemical History of a Candle
TOPS Solutions
Medelev's Dream
An old dusty Chem. text on my shelf!
Botany: Our Golden Guide and sketching in sketch books etc.
A Natural History Book
Biology: Finish off the last two units in September...(or 1 in Sept. and 1 in Oct.)
Asronomy: hmmmmm.....
The Whole Confusing Evolution thing: Darwin on Trial, and The Orthodox Word article I have (this may happen next year....)

Music: taken care of!

Phys Ed: got to go running I think, off to the Y sometimes too!

Fine Arts: Drawing With Children with Pops, Bach in the Fall, The Story of Painting beginning again, this fall's artist is up in the air!

Have to work this out soon! One week left...