Friday, August 27, 2010

Child Two...

Same as brother, but less books!
Abbess Thasia (to herself)
Women Martyrs of the Church (ditto)



Jane Eyre
Sir Gawain
Till We Have Faces
Canterbury Tales (Librivox- but I think she will read this one on her own a bit and I will read it out loud)
Watership Down
Daughter of Time (Audible)
Then some books she can read- we will conference on this!

**All About Spelling- darn it, we are going to go through a spelling program!
Narrations and essays. Work with what Ar. is doing...
Grammar- ditto for A.
Poetry memorisation- we will collaborate together and pick a new one each month or so. I will also pick a time of day to listen to her poem!!
Shakespeare- probably Romeo and Juliet first!!

Genetics ( in A.'s bio. text)
Chemistry with A.
Chem. with C. (TOPS stuff)
Botany with both of us!
Natural History- Under the Sea Wind
The Life of a Spider (Librivox)

The Orthodox Church
The Birth of Britain (Audible- have it already)
Could listen in on Famous Men but it has been read SOOOOO many times to her already!/ Could also listen to When Knights Were Bold...)

Fine Arts:
Drawing with the Masters with Pops
Reading to herself in The Story of Painting
Bach in the Fall
Artist- Emily Carr
Illustrating more poems etc.
Romeo and Juliet

Phys Ed and Handicrafts: She has it covered!!

Note To Self: Take pictures of finished projects- one credit (or 10) for textiles, dressmaking, quilting, cooking, home-ec covered!!

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