Friday, August 27, 2010

Number 4...

It is too late for this tonight, but here goes a two minute shot!!

Ditto C. plus some great Saint picture books- 1 every other week or so.

Lots of practice in Word Mastery, flashcards etc.
Nate the Great
Thornton Burgess

Times Tables- nail em down!! Work at it every day with C. and Aa. in Sept. and Oct.!!

Ditto C. plus some Egypt stuff!
Picture Books for History too!!

Fairy Books
C.s read alouds
Pops reads at night...

Me glued to his side for copy work.
Beginning dictation
Once a month letter.
Freewrite a few times a month- I scribe!
Introduce cursive (need a new italics book!!)
Use a few lesons in English for the Thoughtful Child (here and there or when needed)

Fine Arts;
With all of us
Illustrating narrations.

Taken care of.

Frogs and Amphibians- begin with Frog Calls and colouring book (ORDER IT!!) Get field guide at library (or A.s bookshelf!). Books from library.
Experiments- once a week with C. and sometimes H.

Learning to read well is the push this year, with lots of read alouds and a real joy of learning new things sprinkled in with lots of beauty!!

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