Saturday, August 18, 2007

Habit #2- The Computer, or lack of

Mom needs to be face to face with the computer alot less.
I always have my arsenal of excuses, and many are very resonable: our connection is very slow right now, I use/grow/glean so much from the ieas and information on various blogs ie., the 4real forum etc. not to mention the support. But a post I read a few days ago (sorry about my links, I still have to work on them) really convicted me, as did my 4 year olds comment yesterday, "Mom, you are always on the computer!"

Even though this is an overstatement, it still cut to the heart.

The Process:
*The past couple days I have done more of my computer time at night, or when the children are visibly happy and contented.
*I do get up from the computer, even during a blog post, to get drinks etc. for littles- the days of pouring soymilk beside the moniter are over!
*Going simple with my reading choices... not getting sucked in
*Waiting till the house is orderly ( a post of Elizabeth's I read last year inspired me this way)
*Living fully in real time!

How do you work your screen time?


Betty said...

I savor so much the days of homeschooling before we had a computer. I too am having such a hard time balancing the internet and life. I look forward to any suggestions you get or learn.

Grace & Peace,

Us! said...

So do I savor those days...when my ideas came from books. However, I love the ideas that I glean online. But it can suck me in.... No great suggestions yet.