Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Next 'First ' Day

I think the last few words of my 'first day' post were 'it was wonderful'. If I had to pick a key three words to begin this post with those would not be in the first 300 that would come to mind.

Honesty.... our little 'homelearning/studies etc. or whatever you wish to call it, does not always go smoothly. During math, even with Steve Demme, it can rarely go smoothly for days. But this is not the fault of my dear children- at least not most of the time. It is that old adage my friend Wendy likes to quote- 'if Mom's not happy, no ones happy'.

Our 'next day back' was not a smooth day. Maybe I was under the allusion that they would all be as smooth as that glorious 'first day back'- but hey, I have been at this for eight years now and knew it couldn't be that.

Whatever it was, it was.... and the next day was new. This adventure called 'living, loving, learning, and growing through it all' is not a sprint- it's a marathon. Not for the light of heart. But boy does it take heart. It is a humbling process, one that on those type of days I come to realize (again) can't be undertaken without grace.

Off to bed to try to be a little more rested for another day full of possibilities.....

Note to self: GET TO BED (too little sleep can often mean more of the above days!_

A neat post about 'next days' written by Karen at her wonderful blog.


Betty said...

You so described me feelings! This is our third week of homeschooling and something is afoot. This week I was not as diligent to check on or to require (like narrations, dictation, devotion time, etc..). I just want to get this day over with so that we can start afresh next week. But the Lord is in the business or redeeming circumstances, so I remain hopeful that this day still has possibilities.

I was so surprised to read that you have a hedgehog too! We just got one. She's 11 weeks old. I just took her to the vet today as her stools are still green. I think it's dietary and adjusting still (we've had her for a week). But I had to pay $184 to hear the vet said he agreed.

I enjoy reading your blog--it echoes so much of what I think and experience! Keep up the great work.
Grace & Peace

Us! said...

Yes, from week to week I tend to change my expectations. I am going to sit down this weekend afresh and put some goal for the next three weeks on paper, now that we have flexed our mental muscles the last couple of weeks.

Our hedgie is going on 4 this Christmas. He has never seen a vet- he has been very healthy from what we can see. The kids love him, and pay attention to him in spurts- he doesn't seem to mind one bit.

I visited your blog today, and really enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend!