Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Lovliness of Apples Fair... coming here next week!

We have had a lovely fall here, in the land of half year long winters. It looked as though it was going to skip out quickly with the cold snap in the first days of September. But it has hung on.

When the leaves begin to fall seems to be when I head into the cupboard for my baking pans and grab my cookbooks from off the shelves. We had 'tea time' so many times last month that my 4yo was heard telling anyone who would listen that now we have tea time twice a day.

My favorite recipes are often the ones which contain the ever faithful apple. If I was a better poet I think I could spin off a pretty nice sonnet right now, praising the lovely apple....

Instead, I think that I will let you know about the Loveliness of Apples Fair I will be hosting here next Tuesday. If you have an apple recipe you love, a craft, (or even a sonnet), or anything else that is apple related that you want to share, please send it on over here by Monday at 8am. You can leave it as a link in the comments section of this post!

See you next week!


MaryM said...

Kristie - here is my contribution for the Apple Fair.

Barbara said...

Kristie: Here is my contribution to the Apple Fair. I'm a brand new blogger, so I'm not sure I've given the link correctly. Will you please let me know in the comments (your blog or mine), and I'll try to check tomorrow morning. Thank you! Barbara

Us! said...
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