Monday, February 18, 2008


Some of our simple plans and routines I want to focus on in this special time...

....prayer: Our morning prayer, the Lord's Prayer with our lunch, and ending the day with a compline.

....spiritual reading for me: I have a few books that are on the go but are sadly neglected. I will also be looking at some daily thoughts from CS Lewis.

.....time to reflect: On our relationships with one another and how they can be infused more fully in the love and mercy of Christ.

....a creative visual: Hannah and I had an afternoon of painting a crown of thorns with watercolors. I still want to spend an afternoon with the boys doing a similar craft.

Putting aside this time to focus, to take those moments to reflect, and to spend more time in prayer, sharing the journey with my children.

May your Lenten season be one of new found understanding and love.

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