Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Great Thoughts...

Not from me! I have been silent on this blog for a while but not absent from the greater blogging world. My time has been taken up by reading some wonderful posts by some very thoughtful women. The conversation that has ensued has been very thought provoking. It has been directing my energy into really looking towards my children with the thought of our connectedness; where it is good and where it could use some work. The whole concept of parenting as a creative art, one in which we learn by trail and failure, one that requires our creative juices, our energy, our heart and soul: one not to be looked at as a side profession. Our children learn what they see, but family life is not perfect. We are working towards Christlikeness and have our successes and failures daily. But what a gift it is, and I saw this clearly again this week, more clearly than I have in quite a while, for me to be able to spend these minute, hours, days, weeks, and years with my four beautiful children: loving them, walking through their ups and downs, and travelling this journey together.

Here are some of the great posts that have been percolating goodness in our days here....

Parenting as a Creative Art and this one as well by Willa.
Every Face I Look at Seems Beautiful....the title grabbed me and I am so glad it did. Don't miss the great comments as well.

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