Monday, April 21, 2008

Thoughts on Unschooling

Once again, I am going to leave this first post to some thoughts from others (not that I don't have any of my is just that tax season is almost over and my reciept stack is calling!)

Unschooling Revisited

Unschooling Inspiration

This quote is also something I have enjoyed thinking on today...

…describing ourselves and our families’ lives via precise words is not about labelling, one-up-manship or peer group pressure. It’s about finding our tribe. It’s about identifying with like-minded people in a world of other-minded ones. In addition to our strong need to establish a unique persona, we human beings also have an equally strong desire to be accepted, to be among people who understand our choices, who accept us as we are, without reservation, and who support us on our journey.

The need to identify and be identified by a supportive community is especially intense when our journey follows a lightly trodden path, when we are taking risks. The need for nourishment from such a group of like-minded people is probably also stronger when we’re living in nuclear families, isolated at home with very young children or feeling the lack of the status that society unfortunately gives to those who go to jobs.

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