Monday, July 28, 2008

Planning Update


Back to keeping it simple with heaps of books, some good art prints, that tape I picked up for free at garage sale of Vivaldi, and lots of real life together.

A couple great things that emerged from my planning bonanza are...
  • lots of great lists of books (much needed for my son who devours books)
  • the realization that I only need to purchase one book for next year
  • a simple system for me
  • seeing that Sonlights year 7 and 300 could be mixed together to give Ariel heaps of great reading and lots of good read alouds for us and discussions
  • realizing that the older two are missing having more historical type read alouds and are not big on the grand overviews at the moment (ditto with that here!)
So today I did lots of cleaning, spent time in the garden, puttered (one of my favourite summer past times), and read the children lots of books. It was a very good day, and now it is off to bed to read Scarlet (after much urging from Ar.!).

Hope this finds you enjoying your summer.

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