Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today- Tuesday March 29th, 2010

Up early, granola on, and cookies on for the Shakespeare group H is a part of.

After breakfast C and Aa had a great (I mean GREAT) violin practice separately and together- I think the group class last night really spurred them on to greatness!

After prayers we read some of the Acts of the Apostles and our new great book the Singing Tree- what a wonderful novel. It started slow and thoughtfully, setting the stage for what was to come. Now war has been declared! We are all loving this book.

H. left at this point and the boys headed to the table- A did his Spiritual reading and Algebra (new lesson), Aa did some terrific handwriting (it really helps when I sit beside him and help him with it), and C finished off the math lesson from yesterday and did today's. C. then did his grammar while Aa did a very good phonics lesson- his reading is really coming. At this point we melted (except A. who was hard on Biology at this point)- into the yard, to the laundry etc.

Lunch was a late affair of subs after a quick bike to the store with Aa. At around 3 I corralled in C for his Greek- he has yet to read.... maybe after dinner.

A finished biology, read the Aenied and Microbe Hunters, and then we read Till We Have Faces together. That is going to be a very interesting book. I really need to look up some notes on it- literary analysis is like Latin to me (except I am studying Latin- so it is more like Turkish or something to me!). Onto Henle after this- a pretty easy lesson for Ar. Whistle lesson after that and whew, a slow evening probably!

Trying to finish strong...

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