Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update to Self...

H. first read- To Kill a Mockingbird (assign the same essay I assigned Ar. last year!0
Ar first read- Les Miserables
C. first read- Adam of the Road
Aa. first read- D'Aulaire's Abraham Lincoln!

Pops will do a study of Darwin on Trial with the kids (his idea!!)

Silkscreening with Papa too!!- can't wait!! We will schedule this in the end of October, beginning of November (in time for Christmas gifts)

Spelling City for H. with lists daily from Sequential Spelling (AAS was a BOMB!)
AAS with Aaron
Dictation still weekly with Ar. and biweekly with C.

Science- The Way Life Works thing I found online again.... looks like just the ticket for H. and Ar. (Have to iron this all out!!)

YIKES!! Need to get this all flowing...but at least I am excited about it this year!

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