Monday, January 13, 2014

Update Year 12

Not a lot of new things to update, but I am wanting to keep up to date!

Church History Theology
~continuing with Icons

~did excellent on the midterm, class is picking up the pace

~dittto the last one except the pace seems to be going in the opposite direction

~Finished TKAM with a great discussion
~Working on Brave New World
~documentary on Art and Beauty
~Poetry explication teaching
~poetry session at the LC
~close reading strategies

~up in the air- may do Coursera Roman Architecture
~still want her to do Cry, Thy Beloved Country and watch a doc. on Mandela

Fine Arts
~costume sketching
~making a dress for order for a local show!
~creating vision, Pinterest board, Storify slideshow, for Cymbeline
~going to work more on Art History and sketching/painting lessons- aim for one of each every week
~Fringe: Looks like it is going to be Much Ado About Nothing- three play read throughs to go get to this place!

~lots of dancing

Lets see what this looks like in a few weeks!

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