Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Joys of Homelearning

Ann writes.........

The finest home education flows from a well-lived life.

+ + +

:: family relationships :: prayer :: music :: nature :: baking ::

:: unhurried meals :: flowers :: laughter :: art :: hikes :: conversation ::

:: thoughtful reading :: sunrise :: tea time :: down time :: play ::

:: worship and sacrament :: helping others :: friendships :: fitness :: writing ::

:: a comfortable home :: celebrations :: gratitude ::

:: joy in the ordinary ::

I loved reading this has helped me to put our educational goals within the context of our family life, and to ponder what is lovely and what is beautiful about that life. It has also inspired me to build those routines in again when summer wanes, the routines that allow for the all the wonderful parts of living this life together.


Lisa said...

I loved that part of your blog. Is that from a book you've read?

Us! said...

The bottom paragraph is mine, but the colored part in italics is from a beautiful blog called Mozart and Mudpies. It is Ann's website and I have linked to her at the beginning of the post (sorry, I can't figure out how to link to it here in the comments!) There are so many inspiring things on Ann's thoughtful blog.

Have a great weekend,