Monday, October 12, 2009

Reading Aloud Presently...

The History of the Church- this is very interesting
The Life of St. George
The Simmarillion - one of my favorite books!!
The Sword and the Circle - finished! The children all loved this and want to continue with the next one in the series The Light in the Forest (These have the flowery language my daughter loves combined with enough chivalry, action, and head hewing to keep everyone interested!)
Lycurgus (Plutarch)
Around the World in 80 days- still!
Seabird- we really like this one
The Children's Homer- to Caleb
Jane Eyre- with Hannah when we can eek out the time
Treasure Island- Papa with all the children
The Horse and His Boy- Papa to the little boys
Greek Myths- they all love this (again)
Story of the World Ancients- to Caleb and Aaron
Idylls of the King

We could read all morning (and often do), but I think we need to rotate these a little more since our evenings are so full this year....

Next up on the Read Aloud list...
Great Expectations (the littles and I began this but put it aside to begin with Ar. and Hannah too)
Onion John


Gae said...

This is agreat list to have shared with the children.
I love reading aloud and miss doing it as often as I used to.
God Bless

Us! said...

So as not to be misleading...we sometimes only get to one of those in a day or two, while at other times we read and read and read!!
Thank you for the encouragement.