Thursday, January 21, 2010

7th Grade Plans presently....

For Religion (mostly done as a family)
~daily Gospel reading
~Church History read aloud
~participation in our family liturgical prayer life
~some readings from The Orthodox Church and a catechism book
~readings of Saint's lives on the days they are commemorated (hope to download some daily readings onto her mp3 player soon)

~Finishing Algebra1 then onto Geometry (Jacob's)

Latin and Greek
~moseying along here and there in Henle Latin 1 Unit 3
~Elementary Greek Book 1 (just beginning here in mid January)

Language Arts (for want of a better name!)
~Writing her novel, dictations from Tolkien, narrations from her lit. and history books as well as lives of the Saints, copywork from Paidia Classics, some essays
~she is beginning to learn about the different forms of essays
~Grammar- incidental and slowly working through The Mother Tongue (mostly covered in Latin though). Some diagramming as well but that got done quickly- we went from lesson 2 to her diagramming the Lady of Shallot!
~spelling done with Spelling City
~poetry memory

~The Two Towers (45 minutes a day)
~The Simmirillion (read aloud)
~Macbeth and Julius Ceaser (read aloud)
~Many poems and some poetry studies with the Harp and Laurel Wreath
~Ivanhoe (mp3)
~The Age of Chivalry- The Mabinogean (mp3)
~The Sword and the Circle (read aloud)
~Jane Eyre (read aloud)
~short story study on The Gift of the Magi
~A Christmas Carol (Dickens)
~Great Expectations (Dickens)

~A Child's History of England- by Dickens (mp3)
~a portion of Story of the World 4 (we left this for the above history instead as we will be reading Churchill's book next year and it will prepare us- we also really enjoy Dickens!)

~ Marine Biology ala Lapaz Homelearning- we have followed the first 8 weeks as well as coloring in the Marine Bio. Coloring Book. Now we have paused for a science fair project dealing with salinity and density.

Music and Art
~listening to the music from Carmen (Bizet)
~she has begun to play the concertina- the lessons are spaced when we have time
~study of Jan Vermeer (6 paintings, short bio., and great paintings)

~ballet many times a week! She is learning alot about time signatures in this!
~swimming- passed level 10 and will take her bronze this spring or summer

Home Ec.!
~she is still the laundry girl
~working at that room organization
~cooking dinner once a week (usually homemade soups)
~babysitting here and elsewhere
~much sewing (Eowyn dress and Jane Austen dresses), knitting, and quilting

This sure makes me feel a lot better in this dreary weather (outside and inside!)

Off to sew...

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